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Destiny Does Design


I'm Destiny, a curious & empathetic UX / Product Designer from the Bay Area.

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With expertise in design, marketing, and customer service, I bring innovative ideas to life.  I unravel what’s complicated into something intuitive and build meaningful experiences users and product teams all love.  

Selected Projects

What I do

Experience Design

I find and execute simple and intuitive solutions to complicated problems, creating meaningful moments and magical experiences.

Humanize Tech

Using empathy-driven design, I aim to create remarkable products, designing technology that is better for humans and better at interacting with humans.  

UX Strategy

 I care about every detail and emotion I experience with a product even in the initial phases creating a strong link between user and business needs.

Industry Standard

Tools I use

What Clients Say

Destiny was very helpful, finding creative solutions to the issues we were having developing our admin panel. I would love to work with her again in the future and look forward to seeing what other projects she takes on.

Michael Rich


Destiny is extremely professional and has great attention to detail. She often took the lead to communicate many great UX ideas and then put in the work to help fully detail them and bring them to life.

Gauthier Phillipart


Destiny performed UX Design work on my nonprofit organization's website and took the time to explain the value of UX to me. Her designs and creativity blew me away. Destiny brought my vision to life and I am forever grateful. 

Kara Branch

Black Girls Do Engineer

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